What’s in a name?

Business Partner Accountants: business partnerships are our reason for being.

When we started out in 2002, we’d been working in larger accounting firms. We’d seen how most of the work was done inside the office, at the desk, rarely seeing clients at their business premises and sometimes even going through an entire year with just telephone contact.

Something seemed wrong. It felt like going through the motions - like a transaction rather than a relationship. We can only guess what it felt like for the clients.

That’s why we started our practice.

From day one, the idea was to meet and work face-to-face with business owners and managers at their premises. We wanted to listen, to see, and get to understand how they conduct their businesses.

Why do they do what they do? How do they do it? Where do they want to go? What's holding them back? Where are the opportunities?

And, most importantly, how do we combine the existing business strengths with the opportunities to help strengthen and grow the business?

In short, to be business partners.

Business Partner Accountants team

Business Partner Accountants -  Amanda, Mark and Deanne

Business Partner Accountants

Gift of appreciation from one of our clients

Co-pilots in your business

Business is a journey and, we can engage as your co-pilot on the long flight, able to ease the controls when necessary, and prepare and monitor a flight path. We’re there providing valuable support when things become uncertain or you get drawn off course.

Many clients have been with us since we started, and we enjoy helping them on their on-going business journey. 

Why? Because we’re there not just at year end or to keep the regulators happy. Our clients turn to us when they need to discuss problems, bounce ideas around, make important strategic decisions, or need advice on a financial matter.

They will sometimes even call if they’re having a bad day at the office. That's often when they need us most!

Our Navigation "beacons"

As co-pilots, we’re guided in our navigation by a set of guiding "beacons"

  • Honesty and integrity - at all times and with all people

  • Reliability - in all matters and for all people

  • Trustworthiness - in all interactions with all people

  • Support - for all those who need our help

  • Good communication - with all those we deal with

  • Positivity - as there is always something good to take away

  • Development - personally and professionally in all that we do

  • Partnership - continually asking ourselves "Are we being a valuable business partner?"

Meet the team
Mark Lennon : Principal

Fellow member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and registered company auditor

Mark has been in the industry since 1975, prior to BPA he was manager in a second tier  accounting firm and a partner in a six-partner accounting firm. Mark started BPA in 2002.

Why this business? "Because there’s no better feeling than helping people who really need it - no matter how challenging. BPA have wonderful clients who trust us completely and who’ve been with us for many years. They refer us to their friends and fellow professionals because they see our no-compromise high standards, built on mutual trust and respect."

After a busy week: You’ll probably find Mark reading or exercising somewhere, most likely down the South Coast. If you happen to take a “Rock The Boat” cruise or catch a gig around town, you may even find him playing drums with fellow rock ‘n’ roll musicians.

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Mark Lennon Accountant
Amanda Knowles Accountant
Amanda Knowles : Accounting and Tax Manager

Member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

Amanda started with BPA in 2002 and has never looked back. 


Why this Business?  "Because of the long-standing relationships we have with our customers; being able to help them and share in their progression, success, and achievements; also the diversity of businesses we work with: from small start-ups businesses to multinationals."


After a busy week: You’ll find Amanda either reading, travelling, or planning her next adventure: 37 countries so far and counting!

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Deanne Duemmer - Director of first impresssions

Deanne is your first point of contact with Business Partner Accountants, this is why she is our "Director of first impressions". 

Deanne started in administration looking for a change and loves the challenge!


Why this business? "Because being part of a team that focuses on our clients provides us with something different everyday and makes coming to work enjoyable."


After a busy week: You will find Dee either spending time with her children, reading or dancing.


At BPA we enjoy our work and we are passionate about helping you to succeed in yours.