Welcome to our first blog post

And the reason we are enthusiastic about finally having a website is because it will become

a pivotal tool in allowing us to provide our clients with relevant and up-to-date information to specifically help them.

Sure, we hope that our new website will draw more high-quality customers to our firm. We love high-quality customers (and in one of our future blogs we will explain why we call our

business partners "customers" and not "clients"). But, if that is the only reason, or even the major reason, for having a website, then it's a very self-centred one.

In establishing our website, we have asked ourselves, "How can we use this as a vehicle to help our existing customers?" and we intend to continually ask this question of ourselves.

So, we want our website to be a forum for providing information to you that we consider to

be relevant and timely. Part of the way that we intend to do that is simply to ask you from time-to-time

- what is it that you need to know at this present moment?

- what have you read or heard that is of interest to you, or maybe is of concern to you?

- is there something you are trying to do with your business, but it just doesn't seem to be

getting traction?

And when we post a particular article, we will invite questions and comment.

By doing so, this will enable us really find out what is important to you, to address topics

and matters that are specifically relevant and of interest, and concern, to you.

We want to listen, understand, and help.

Our new website is to become a digital door, opening for our customers to come in, and talk

to us, at any time that suits them, and about anything that is relevant to them.

So, WELCOME. Come on in. Talk to us.

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